Circa Mothers Day Diffuser| Duo Set

Nest Emporium

Limited Edition


Scent Stems™ Set

Bottom of Form

Fill your home with beautiful fragrance with our Liquidless Diffuser. Using innovative dry diffusion technology, each individual Scent Stem™ is infused with inviting fragrance, so you can mix and match to create your own unique blend.

This duo set includes a ceramic holder plus two Scent Stem™ fragrances that use innovative dry diffusion technology: White Lavender & Sage and Cotton Flower & Freesia

Contains: 1 x White Lavender & Sage Scent Stems™ Refill, 1 x Cotton Flower & Freesia Scent Stems™ Refill, and 1 x Liquidless Diffuser Ceramic Holder.



White Lavender & Sage is fresh, warm and earthy. Cotton Flower & Freesia is a soft, floral fragrance.

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